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We specialise in innovative parking and security solutions backed by tailored services.

We create tailor-made packages incorporating the most efficient and effective technologies and integrated services that best suit our individual clients’ needs. Our services are technology driven, cost effective, and backed by a highly skilled proficient team and a 24-hour-a-day, in-house customer support centre.


Customised car park solutions and management services

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Industry-leading security technology

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Professional in-house personnel solutions and services

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Partner with us

Why partner
with us?

Our leadership team has over 200 years of industry experience. Our combined experience and industry knowledge enables us to service you better and with confidence.
Our customers (you) are at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on being a true partner, an extension of your team, ensuring you direct access to one point of contact to manage your parking needs.
Unlike our competitors, we work with you closely to deliver best results. Our approach is tailor-made and solution orientated, specific to your needs.
We continually invest in the latest technology and best practice solutions. From car park management systems to smart technology integration, we can deliver what you need.
We provide a national footprint spanning across clients from retail, health to commercial buildings. Our Melbourne based call centre and control room operate 24/7, manned by our highly skilled team, so we’re always here when you need us.
As an ISO and CM3 quality certified organisation, we provide Quality Management services with complete transparency and peace of mind.
Partner with us

Why partner
with us?

Harnessing Over 200 Years of Industry Excellence: Our leadership team boasts a collective experience of over two centuries within the industry. This wealth of expertise empowers us to serve you with unparalleled confidence and efficacy.
Placing You at the Core: Our clients’ needs hold the utmost significance in every Endeavour we undertake. As an authentic partner and an extension of your team, we ensure streamlined communication through a dedicated point of contact, facilitating the seamless management of all your requirements.
Customisation for Optimal Outcomes: Our distinctive approach stands in stark contrast to competitors. Collaboratively, we work closely with you to forge tailored solutions, resulting in the finest outcomes that specifically address your unique needs.
Pioneering Progress Through Technology: Unceasingly committed to progress, we continually invest in cutting-edge technology and best-practice solutions. Whether it’s advanced car park management systems or the integration of intelligent security technologies, we possess the capability to tailor your precise demands.
A Presence Across the Nation: Our operational reach spans the nation, encompassing diverse clients across retail, healthcare, and commercial domains. Situated in Melbourne, our customer support centre and control room function 24/7, staffed by a team of customer service professionals. This unwavering availability ensures that we are here for you whenever you require our assistance.
As an ISO and CM3 quality certified organisation, we provide Quality Management services with complete transparency and peace of mind.

“The responsiveness and friendly approach of the customer service team with our clients has provided us with strong sales growth, happy customers and a better experience at our car parks.”

Billie Oheare-Young
Asset Manager,
Deaugue Group

“Nationwide’s innovative, blended approach to security provided us layers of security system treatments that complement each other.”

Frank Toth

Facilities Manager,
Charter Hall Retail

“We believe continuous innovation, technology and investing in our people will generate the best results for our clients.”
Mick Chaudhry
Managing Director