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Nationwide Corporate Services understand the importance of security services and the role that security plays in ensuring the protection of clients’ assets, business and the safety of their staff and customers.

We strive to best understand various environments to provide the appropriate and most effective security solutions. Nationwide will work with you every step of the way to implement the solution that best meets your needs.

  • Corporate Security
  • Retail Security
  • Mobile Security Patrols
  • Guard House & Static Services
  • Concierge Security Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Maritime Security
  • Event Security
  • Close Personal Protection (CPP)

Nationwide has a sound reputation for providing and retaining high quality security officers that have a passion for ensuring our clients, tenants, public and employees are safe.  Nationwide Guarding services work across a broad range of sectors, specialising in Concierge Services, Gatehouse Operations, Construction & Retail Environments. Our professional security personnel are not only trained in risk management and first aid procedures but can also fill customer service roles to enhance customer satisfaction and the delivery of service.

Mobile Patrols

Our 24/7 alarm monitoring service is backed up by our Emergency Mobile Patrols, allowing our Officers to react quickly to any irregularities or incidents that may occur. Mobile Patrols are a cost effective and highly visible security solutions with-out the cost of a full-time resource.

Virtual Patrols

Virtual Patrols is a unique service offered by Nationwide using innovation and technology. Virtual Patrols is cost-effective and assist greatly in reducing and/or replacing manpower and physical patrols whilst increasing security awareness across a property.

Surveillance of your premises increase with scheduled or on-demand remote video patrols. Our operators scan your premises through intelligent CCTV technology just as a physical guard patrol would, and then act accordingly. Virtual Patrols also provide operators with visibility of key areas in a property that are often off limits to guards.

Key Features;

  • Instant Video verification on alarm.
  • Two-way audio communication between site and remote support room.
  • Real time monitored access control for staff, contractors, and deliveries.
  • More cost effective than mobile patrols or static guards.
  • Flexible service which can be adapted to meet your security needs and budget.
  • Flexible hours of operation. Virtual Patrols can be operational 24 hours a day or scheduled to work only at times of your choosing.
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