Our People

Core of Our Business is the Skillset of Our Team

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Nationwide Corporate Services are uniquely placed to provide a range of in-house training solutions. Our programs are designed to bolster our teams overall capability to deliver premium services to our clients. With a quality range of specifically developed training programs from customer service to counter terrorism, we will ensure your business is well supported.

Succession Training

Nationwide Corporate Services encourage staff to aim for success and deliver to their best ability. Our training incorporates defined progression paths for our team and select personnel to improve their future. Our investment in our people is our investment in our business.

Rewards and Recognition

Our staff often work in confrontational, challenging and everchanging environments.  Many situations call upon both their professional and personal capability to ensure the security and safety of our clients, the public, their colleagues and themselves whilst maintaining a degree of customer service. We recognise our team members for providing exceptional service to our clients and the public at large. Nationwide has a Reward and Recognition program that ensures our team recognise they are part of business. We also proactively pursue recognition for our staff through industry awards to ensure our staff are recognised by our industry as well as by Nationwide.

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