Nationwide’s concierge services offer more than just outstanding customer service. We are committed to providing a customer-centric service, which offers flexibility to meet your unique and changing requirements.

  • Customer Experience
  • Corporate Concierge
  • Retail Concierge Services
  • E-Concierge Platform
  • VIP Management
  • Event Concierge Services

Our concierge staff have great communication and presentation with the ability to jump into any environment and deliver the high standard of service our clients expect. Our staff are trained and experienced in the full spectrum of customer service requirements, organisational skills, and professional etiquette to bring a human face to your site.

Nationwide management are very hands-on, working with staff on-site and making regular visits and random “unannounced” callouts to monitor client relationships and ensure satisfaction through consistency in quality and complete reliability.

We achieve this through regular site visits by management who gain an intimate understanding of the expectations or our clients, which in turn enables us to lead our teams to meet and exceed the needs and desires of our valued clients.

Nationwide conduct a “5 point Quality Assurance Audit”, where we audit and record on several areas to maintain high quality standards in our delivery.

  1. Presentation – including clothing, grooming, attitude, and communications.
  2. Information Management – including – Incident and logbook entries, adherence to Standard Operating Procedures, Tours, Timing and Processes
  3. Knowledge of the site- and site-specific instructions, site geography, tours, and site-specific needs
  4. Customer feedback – interactions with customers, visitors, client representatives and the public
  5. Safety, Quality, Environmental compliance – we review all aspects of our quality services, reviewing a wide variety of aspects to ensure compliance and our ability to represent as a professional to ensure your reputation remains at the forefront of our focus at all times.

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